Our team

Tanya Barham

Tanya has 20 years experience as an innovator, entrepreneur, technologist, and utility nerd building enduring practices and products, including a successful business exit. From 2016-2019 Tanya helped reformulate and re-start PECI, securing millions in non-dilutive funding for execution of all aspects of technical service, product development, operations and commercialization of PECI’s grid edge products. In 2019 PECI spun off its technical and grid-edge products as Community Energy Labs with Tanya at the helm. Tanya’s speciality is in leading systems and people to set the stage for the high achievement culture necessary to iterate and scale. Tanya is bilingual in Swedish and functionally proficient in Danish, Norwegian and Icelandic.

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Micha Ramsey, PhD

Micha’s career spans a diverse range including: custom hardware development for advanced sensors, research and development for NASA while completing a doctorate in mechanical engineering from MIT; engineering management for solar materials manufacturing in the photovoltaics industry; and enabling an equitable transition to a new energy economy with a community-based project development approach. With over 20 years of experience, she excels in: project portfolio management; leading cross-functional teams; strategic planning; budget management; research; and developing fact-based, data-driven solutions to product design and diverse business challenges. Micha is bilingual in German.

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Anne Snyder Grassmann

Anne has decades of leadership experience managing customer facing utility programs and product launches for Portland General Electric as well as an executive certificate in Innovative Marketing for Strategic Advantage from Stanford. Anne has a wide ranging list of professional skills in marketing, design and program management but excels at: voice of the customer; strategy; leading cross-functional teams; program management; market research; product marketing; digital and conventional marketing strategy and execution. She is passionate and enthusiastic about innovation’s critical role in reversing climate change. Anne is functionally proficient in Spanish.

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Zubair Ahmed

Zubair is a modern renaissance man. His two mechanical engineering degrees from Stanford, product engineering work with Boeing and eventual transition to full stack software engineering didn’t stand in the way of publishing two books of poetry in the meantime. As a software engineer he is fluent in React, React Native, Node.js, GraphQL, Postgres, AWS.  Zubair is a consummate team leader, taking time to organize the software development pipeline to ensure transparency, quality and opportunities for developing and training talented development team members along the way. Zubair is bilingual in Bangla and has working comprehension of Hindi/Urdu.

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Bryan Hannegan, Customer Owned Utility Advisor

Bryan Hannegan, PhD, is President and CEO of Holy Cross Energy, a not-for-profit, member-owned electric cooperative utility providing electricity and energy products and services to more than 42,000 customers in Western Colorado. As a CEL advisor he offers guidance on: Energy Product R&D; Technology Commercialization; Member Owned Utilities; Customer Choice; Competitive Landscape.

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Roger Gray, Utility Operations Advisor

Roger has extensive executive experience in the electric, water, and telecommunications industry and is a highly regarded leader in Northwest public power. Currently, Gray is the Chief Executive Officer for PNGC Power (a generation and transmission co-op). Prior to that he was the CEO for the Northwest Requirements Utilities (NRU) and Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB). Roger holds degrees in computer science and electrical engineering – power systems. As a CEL advisor he offers guidance on: Power Operations; Regional Power Supply, Transmission and Management; Power Business Fundamentals

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Jennifer Worrall, IT Advisor

Jennifer Worrall is the Director of Solutions Architecture for Wildan. She has 20 years of deep subject matter expertise in computer science and enterprise energy information technology. As a CEL advisor she offers guidance on: Information Engineering; Solutioning and Enterprise Architecture; SCADA and Closed Loop Networking; Cyber Security; Technology Entrepreneurship.

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Michael Korcuska, Product & Customer Advisor

Michael is a seasoned product executive with a track record of success in best-in-class organizations that excel by using technology to change the world for the better including: Lynda.com, LinkedIN, WW (Weight Watchers) and Greylock Partners. As a CEL advisor he offers guidance on: Social Networking; Software as a Service; Product Management; Interactive Design and Development; Customer Success.

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Lorenzo Kristov, PhD, Power System Policy Advisor

Lorenzo is an independent consultant working on policy, structural and market reforms to enable rapid growth of distributed energy resources to accelerate decarbonization, resilient communities and environmental justice. He was a principal in market and infrastructure policy at California ISO for 18 years where he led initiatives to design the ISO’s LMP markets and its transmission planning and resource interconnection procedures, and to integrate Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) into wholesale markets. As a CEL advisor he offers guidance on: Markets; Community Choice; Competition.

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Ahlmahz Negash, PhD, Power Systems Advisor

Ahlmahz Negash, PhD is an electrical engineer and power analyst for Tacoma Power. Her work in the power management section of the utility informs long-term energy planning and analysis. As a CEL advisor she offers guidance on: Power Systems Engineering; Integrated Resource Planning; Load, Generation and Transmission Modeling; Forecasting; Distributed Energy Resources (DER); DER Valuation; Capacity; Resource Adequacy.

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Phil Blythe, PhD, VPP Advisor

Phil is the Founder & CEO of GreenSync and an accomplished practitioner in technology commercialisation, as a research and development scientist and engineer, as a founder and entrepreneur, and as an experienced senior executive who has built and grown technology companies in new and emerging markets. As a CEL advisor he offers guidance on: Virtual Power Plants; Fully Competitive Energy Markets; CleanTech Entrepreneurship and Fundraising.

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Anamika Dubey, PhD, Machine Learning Advisor

Anamika is a professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at Washington State University, Pullman focusing on machine learning applications to power system controls and optimization. As a CEL advisor she offers guidance on: Electric Power Systems; Distributed Renewable Integration Analysis; Power System Optimization and Control; Machine Learning.

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Curt Kirkeby, P.E., Grid Edge Technology Advisor

Curt is a registered professional engineer in the State of Washington and has extensive experience in the electric and gas utility industry; 6 years in substation design; 18 years in GIS, outage management, asset management, advanced metering systems, engineering modeling; and 14 years in applied R&D. As a CEL advisor he offers guidance on: Grid Integrated Product Development; Energy Storage; Renewable Integration; Smart Grid; Smart Cities; Transactive Energy Pilots.

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Karim Al-Khafaji, PhD, Sustainable Products Advisor

Karim has a history of working on innovative sustainability and engineering products related to ecology, energy and smart cities. He has a degree in civil engineering and a PhD from Stanford in Quantitative Ecology. As a CEL advisor he offers guidance on: Smart Communities; Wireless Enabled Smart Development; Client Engagement and Success; Energy Technology Platforms.

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Christina Dyrness Williams, Communications Advisor

Christina Dyrness Williams is a journalist and communications executive. Her combined two decades of writing, editing and directing communications and operations for some of the Pacific Northwest’s most prestigious brands have honed her focus on sustainability and innovation. As a CEL advisor she offers guidance on: Key Messaging Priorities; Social Media Strategies; Media Strategy and Relations.

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Joshua Brock, Business Development Advisor

Josh is an experienced senior leader in, particularly, the California energy, government and financial services sectors. He is the Director of Client Services for CalPine Energy Solutions, providing operational support for many of California’s Community Choice Energy organizations. As a CEL advisor he offers guidance on: Government; Business Development; California Energy Practices; Community Choice Energy Operations in California.

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Melanie Adamson, Marketing and Brand Advisor

Melanie is a marketing and branding executive with two decades of expereince leading marketing teams in energy, technology, and sustainability industries. As a CEL advisor she offers guidance on: Brand Strategy; Marketing; Creative; Industrial Design and Production.

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Matthew Tsugawa, MBA, CMA, Finance Advisor

Matt has 13 years of finance experience and five years as Chief Financial Officer at mission-driven organizations as well as in a consulting role at the Tokyo offices of Arthur Andersen and KPMG. Matt is a Certified Management Accountant with an MBA from the Yale School of Management. As a CEL advisor he offers guidance on: New Product and Business Analysis; Strategic Planning; Budgeting and Forecasting; Financial Modeling; Business Analytics; Mergers and Acquisitions.

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