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The Program Manager role contributes to Community Energy Lab’s goal of helping schools and municipalities save money and the planet by autonomously shaping building energy use.    The Program Manager defines outcomes and tasks.  They then track and monitor performance.  They design, execute, communicate and improve strategies and tactics that shape our user experience.  They direct and accelerate the deployment of our project installations - meant to demonstrate and validate core performance objectives for our underlying technical and business solutions on behalf of the communities we serve. The Program Manager will work cross-functionally as a key contributor to new and existing CEL products and initiatives.   This position requires exceptional empathy and communication skills in order to articulate the value of autonomous building control on the path to decarbonization. The Program Manager offers practical direction to a variety of stakeholders including customers, vendors, employees, and our installers to encourage the development and deployment of products, services and best practices that will integrate into our customer installations, products and internal processes.


  • Collecting and reviewing implementation and budget requirement documents.
  • Developing scopes of work, budgets, product implementation and continuous improvement plans and coordinating the staff and contractors doing the work.
  • Testing out new processes and workflows, both internally and on customer installations, to increase organizational efficiency.
  • Collaborating with national and international organizations to improve product specification and standards to enable the operation, control and scalability of grid-enabled buildings.
  • Partnering with customers, communities and other stakeholders (such as trade allies, OEMs, building operators, community colleges, educators, asset managers) to share insights and move market acceptance of pilots, products and projects that could help meet their goals.
  • Putting out fires and do what’s required to keep forward momentum, move the mission and maintain positive relationships.
  • Fostering and maintaining business relationships with ecosystem actors to increase Community Energy Lab’s market influence.

Essential Functions

// What will you need to be or become good at doing?


  • Provide day-to-day leadership and coordination within a specific Product or Program vertical while keeping sight of CEL’s mission and core values of the organization.
  • Drive the project, program, or product to attract, convert and retain partners, funding and to deliver value in line with organization mission, goals and objectives.
  • Measure and improve the effectiveness of all processes internal and external. Share timely, accurate insights on how to improve products, programs and projects - keeping customer ease, satisfaction and scalability in mind.
  • Think about, communicate and act on the right mix of innovation and infrastructure. How best to process, scale, document, communicate, implement and refine products and processes across CEL?
  • Collaborate closely with the CEO, CTO and the technical team to understand and implement plans that accommodate the growth objectives, mission and goals of the organization.
  • Assist, as required, in gathering analysis and data to assist the organization in meeting operational and growth objectives.
  • Foster and maintain a flexible, transparent, success-oriented, and accountable work culture environment within the organization.


  • Completes operational requirements by scheduling and assigning employees, contractors and partners, and following up on progress / results.
  • Ensures that product development activities have high value to customers and end users and are a high priority/align with the goals of the organization.
  • Makes recommendations on the potential and practicality of products in development.
  • Ensures that marketing/promotional literature match product specifications and speak to what customers value.
  • Researches and monitors industry developments, customer value creation trends and identifies potential new product opportunities.
  • Relentlessly builds customer care and value into offerings through interest in and empathy for customer and ecosystem partner needs and objectives.
  • Understands what value our competition provides (including doing nothing) to those we serve and is able to articulate and differentiate our products and programs.
  • Works closely with business development personnel and independently to promote Community Energy Labs products to communities and incorporate feedback into products.
  • Aligns technical roadmap objectives, beta testing and pilot needs with willing stakeholders, customers and interested funders.  Applies lessons from pilots and beta testing toward developing a scalable product or business model.
  • Offers feedback on product pricing and go-to-market strategy by sharing market research data, customer input and insights gained from programs and projects
  • Maintains professional and technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing professional publications; establishing personal networks; and participating in professional societies.


// Ideal CEL community members in this role demonstrate

  • Humility
  • Curiosity
  • Adaptability
  • Trustworthiness
  • Tenacity
  • Entrepreneurial drive
  • High accountability
  • Rocks a Gannt like a pro
  • Has a checklist for EVERYTHING
  • Never met a spreadsheet you didn’t like
  • A pragmatic approach to effort vs. value
  • Empathy for customers & team
  • Transparency
  • Intrinsic drive to bring order to chaos
  • Willingness to communicate & teach
  • Willingness to listen & learn
  • Solid work habits & organization
  • Efficiency
  • Open-minded thought, speech & action
  • Ability to self-soothe, repair conflict
  • A veritable Swiss Army Knife
  • Solid written, oral and visual presenter


// This position initially has no supervisory responsibility. A wide degree of agency, creativity and latitude is expected within the boundaries of the early stage objectives set by leadership.


// This position is initially a part time (32 hours/week) position that will occasionally require travel to customer installation sites and other industry events (primarily in California and Washington). We will do what we can to meet caregivers half way and try to strategize and plan ahead so that we can minimize conflict between work, life and caregiving. Our intent is to transition the role to full-time in 2022. We are open to remote and part-time working arrangements.


// 2-5 years of commensurate project, product or program management/coordination experience


// Did you know that more than 60% of startups fail due to conflict in early teams? Early teams form the bedrock of work cultures. Additional competencies this role brings:

  • Passion for valuing and embracing diverse teams and thinking in tech and business.
  • Experience with user experience research, localization, or other aspects of customer usability.
  • Ability to identify and overcome barriers in early stage, emerging product life-cycles.
  • Knowledge of energy efficiency, electric utility business and operations, and/or energy markets.
  • Works effectively in an ambiguous, fast-moving environment while driving toward clarity; resourcefulness in setting priorities and executing. Familiar with frameworks such as agile or lean.
  • A knack for balancing self-advocacy/development with a community orientation in work and life​.
  • A commitment to technical excellence including understanding and articulating best practices.
  • Can rock; airtable; excel; Microsoft Project or other PM tools like a pro.
  • You are a compulsive list maker. Your lists have sublists.


We’ve read the research and we know that certain underrepresented groups in tech might read our post and think “Oh, gee, well I only have nine out of ten qualifications.” If our mission and this job speak to you and you have the interest and ability to work smart, learn, and grow with us then we want you to apply for this job. Even if this is not the exact right opportunity for you, we want to know about you and keep you in mind for future posts.

Community Energy Lab is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All applications will receive consideration for employment without regard to legally protected characteristics.


Community Energy Labs mission is to affordably enable communities’ building decarbonization goals by 2030. Our technology lets buildings use energy when clean sources of power are available and use less energy overall by making smart decisions about when and how energy is used. We primarily work with communities and schools, whose buildings make up nearly 30% of the commercial floor space in the US!

Be part of the solution. Our software combines cutting edge algorithms, machine learning and traditional control techniques to lower cost and manage energy. We combine that with an intuitive user interface that doesn’t require a PhD in mechanical engineering to make saving money and the planet easy for everyone - even cash-strapped schools with overworked building operators.

CEL's core AI-powered clean building control platform was a regional winner of CleanTech Open's 2020 international accelerator, an overall winner in the 2020 Madrona Venture Labs Go Vertical challenge, a 2021 impel+ building innovator, EPRI Incubate Energy 2021 cohort member and 2021 US Department of Energy SBIR awardee.

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