We are a team that values family, collaboration as well as alone time, deep work and helping each other focus on and prioritize what is important both in and out of the office.

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This is an opportunity to join and help scale an early-stage startup in the clean energy industry.

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Our Values

CEL uses a values framework of Focus, Accountability, Courage, Transparency, and Sharing (FACTS). Every month we ask exCELlentes to give concrete, observable examples they have seen that enhance or degrade FACTS. Some examples include:

> FOCUS: Reworking schedules to get more deep work blocks that allow work to start at the strategic level.

> ACCOUNTABILITY: Taking ownership of tasks, tracking details, and seeing them through to completion.

> COURAGE: Diving into new areas, learning challenging skills, accepting feedback and coaching, and being willing to be vulnerable.

> TRANSPARENCY: Informing coworkers about heavy workloads so that team members can manage their asks and best support the team.

> SHARING: Being willing to give team members advice and resources based on one's own area of expertise.

“What attracted me to CEL was the 2-for-1 mission impact. Not only are we helping achieve decarbonization goals through improving energy efficiency, but we're also helping schools redirect budget from electric bills toward teaching kids.”
Rebecca Cordeiro de Peredo
Director of Customer Success

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If you are a humble, servant leader who would round out our team submit your information in the application link below. Even if we don't have an open role today we will tomorrow and we want to keep in touch with you. We know that the right mix of talent, complementarity and humility will form the DNA at the heart of a great company. We are excited to get to know you.
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