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As a field operations lead you will be the face of our company to our customers.

The Field Operations Lead for Community Energy Labs leads, supervises and coordinates installations; configures our equipment on our customer sites, which allows our cloud-based control algorithms to receive data and operate equipment.  This helps our customers stay comfortable while saving energy and the planet. In addition to performing the tactical day to day functions of the job this leader is also the kind of person who is eager to foster a dynamic team environment where learning, growth, sharing and improvement are used to build high quality customer relationships, products, and services.


  • Traveling to customer sites to meet with facility and energy managers, electricians and controls technicians
  • Walking the facility, entering mechanical & electrical rooms and climbing up ladders to the roof to document building equipment using a tablet/phone
  • Revising installation guide, scopes of work (SOW) and bill of materials (BOM) in tandem with sales, customer success, software and building engineering teams
  • Coordinating and scheduling work with customer stakeholders, local electricians, suppliers, vendors and internal engineering and business teams.
  • Managing inventory, purchase & work orders, invoices and basic accounting
  • Supervising, documenting and troubleshooting installation of recommended equipment on site
  • Remotely monitoring installed sites to make recommendations to the building owner or the software team that will help to enhance the performance.
  • Optimizing operations for greater efficiency, positive customer impact and ease.
  • Using digital communication channels and remote work best practices to communicate and train multidisciplinary teams on process improvements, innovations and feedback discovered on the job.

Essential Functions

// What you will need to be or become good at doing

  • Provide top notch customer service and a professional demeanor while answering customer questions onsite, online and over the phone.
  • Coordinate with multiple stakeholders (CEL account management, engineering, customer facilities staff, electricians, etc.) for scheduling site work, updating technical documentation, and keeping things moving forward with clarity and efficiency.
  • Coordinate with the Operations team to order, prepare and commission parts, schedule labor & equipment, update inventory, conduct analysis and prepare reports.
  • Oversee installation of energy meters and other equipment by licensed electricians.  Interface, manage, train and supervise licensed electricians and field staff on how to perform services and quickly and correctly install energy meters, CTs and other equipment.
  • Use processes for inventorying customer building(s)’ HVAC, thermostats, and related equipment using tablet, computer & phone.  Develop and communicate strategies for improving the processes to impact efficiency and scale.
  • Propose bill of materials (BOM) configurations based on the results from field audits, installation requirements keeping user experience and cost trade offs in mind.  Develop and communicate strategies for improving inventory management to impact efficiency and scale.
  • Solicit and interpret customer feedback and propose methods to make life more wonderful for customers and teams.  Examples could include: generating frequently asked questions and customer support documentation so that others can understand.


  • This position initially has no supervisory responsibility over any employees in the assigned product or program, but may oversee work by electricians or other trade professionals.
  • Should the field operations team grow, ideally this candidate should show aptitude toward and interest in hiring, leading, and developing a team.


  • This position is a flexible, full-time (.7-1 Full Time Equivalent) position that may occasionally require extra hours and weekend work that is not compensated as overtime.
  • This position will require physically challenging work such as climbing ladders, accessing rooftops and basements, and crawling into tight spaces to inventory equipment and connect devices in the field. Travel tends to be concentrated during specific times of year especially March/April and June-August.
  • When not traveling, this position will be primarily a remote office worker position using GSuite, Quickbooks online, digital inventory, document management and communication best practices.


  • A Technical Project Manager or Sales Engineer
  • Responsible for overseeing and carrying out energy audits
  • Supervising construction, trades, facilities, controls or other commercial building disciplines (K12 a plus)
  • Building the plane as you fly it for a hardware/iot startup or scale-up company with field operations


  • 5+ years in the trades, trades supervision, construction management, field operations or similar experience
  • 2+ years experience in vendor management, customer service, external interfacing experience
  • Must maintain valid driver's license, a good driving record and have regular access


  • $50,000-80,000 per year commensurate with experience (.7-1 FTE)
  • Paid time off
  • Health benefits
  • Remote & Flexible work arrangements


  • Familiarity with reading architectural, mechanical and electrical plans
  • Ability to interface efficiently with IT to solve problems
  • Flexible and creative approach to solving problems
  • Excited to learn new things, try out new ways of working and making improvements
  • Uses strong interpersonal skills, including empathy, conflict resolution, positivity and teamwork to drive toward clarity and solutions in an ambiguous, fast-moving environment
  • Strong verbal communication skills (both in English and Spanish preferred)
  • Impeccable remote work and document revision and management practices, particularly as it concerns making, taking and disseminating notes about customers, building envelopes, electrical infrastructure, networks, control systems and installed HVAC equipment
  • Applies growth mindset to solving, documenting and improving technical processes such as: installing, commissioning and troubleshooting equipment, sensors, networking issues and basic software components of our solution while in the field
  • Creatively developing strategies to overcome early stage market barriers.
  • Resourcefulness in setting priorities and executing


We are intentionally a diverse group of people, and we're eager to keep growing that diversity. If our mission and this job speak to you and you have the interest and ability to work smart, learn, and grow with us then we want you to apply for this job. Even if this is not the exact right opportunity for you, we want to know about you and keep you in mind for future posts.

Community Energy Lab is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All applications will receive consideration for employment without regard to legally protected characteristics.


Community Energy Labs mission is to affordably enable communities’ building decarbonization goals by 2030. Our technology lets buildings use energy when clean sources of power are available and use less energy overall by making smart decisions about when and how energy is used. We primarily work with communities and schools, whose buildings make up nearly 30% of the commercial floor space in the US!

Be part of the solution. Our software combines cutting edge algorithms, machine learning and traditional control techniques to lower cost and manage energy. We combine that with an intuitive user interface that doesn’t require a PhD in mechanical engineering to make saving money and the planet easy for everyone - even cash-strapped schools with overworked building operators.

CEL's core AI-powered clean building control platform was a regional winner of CleanTech Open's 2020 international accelerator, an overall winner in the 2020 Madrona Venture Labs Go Vertical challenge, a 2021 impel+ building innovator, EPRI Incubate Energy 2021 cohort member and 2021 US Department of Energy SBIR awardee.

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