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To make our software system easy enough to use without a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering, we need help from mechanical engineers to make our product more valuable to leanly staffed maintenance organizations.

We are looking for a responsible, detail oriented summer intern in mechanical engineering or a similar discipline with experience or deep interest in HVAC systems. This individual will be helping to create a comprehensive database of the equipment we see most often in schools along with the equipment’s attributes.


  • Review product literature available publicly as well as by working with the manufacturer to retrieve user and installation guides, communication information, and key attributes of the equipment. Identify relevant product specification guides from manufacturers to find product details such as COP, tonnage, kW, and more.
  • Research product information about firmware, software, embedded controls, and digital interfaces by calling support lines and researching technical forums and support boards.
  • Research legacy equipment and find videos, pamphlets, and other documentation to better understand and support the systems.
  • Make recommendations regarding attributes collected, and help develop appropriate selection lists for attributes.
  • Help define a repeatable process for adding and refining data in the product database.


// Currently in a degree program for mechanical engineering or similar, with HVAC specific course work highly preferred. Associated degrees and trade apprenticeships also welcome.


// Did you know that more than 60% of startups fail due to conflict in early teams? Early teams form the bedrock of work cultures. Additional competences this role brings:

  • Detail oriented list-maker, good at hunting down and organizing information
  • Great communication skills, both writing and speaking


We are intentionally a diverse group of people, and we're eager to keep growing that diversity. If our mission and this job speak to you and you have the interest and ability to work smart, learn, and grow with us then we want you to apply for this job. Even if this is not the exact right opportunity for you, we want to know about you and keep you in mind for future posts.

Community Energy Lab is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All applications will receive consideration for employment without regard to legally protected characteristics.


Community Energy Labs mission is to affordably enable communities’ building decarbonization goals by 2030. Our technology lets buildings use energy when clean sources of power are available and use less energy overall by making smart decisions about when and how energy is used. We primarily work with communities and schools, whose buildings make up nearly 30% of the commercial floor space in the US!

Be part of the solution. Our software combines cutting edge algorithms, machine learning and traditional control techniques to lower cost and manage energy. We combine that with an intuitive user interface that doesn’t require a PhD in mechanical engineering to make saving money and the planet easy for everyone - even cash-strapped schools with overworked building operators.

CEL's core AI-powered clean building control platform was a regional winner of CleanTech Open's 2020 international accelerator, an overall winner in the 2020 Madrona Venture Labs Go Vertical challenge, a 2021 impel+ building innovator, EPRI Incubate Energy 2021 cohort member and 2021 US Department of Energy SBIR awardee.

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