CEC Next EPIC Challenge Winners

February 17, 2022

On December 15, 2020, the California Energy Commission (CEC) released a competitive solicitation to fund a design-build competition that will challenge multi-disciplinary project teams to design and build a mixed-use development – using cutting-edge energy technologies, tools and construction practices - that is affordable, equitable, emissions free and resilient to climate change impacts and extreme weather events. Up to $48,000,000 in Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) funding is available to fund applications in groups identified in the solicitation. Of this $48 million, $12 million is immediately available to fund 12 proposals (three proposals for each group below) for up to $1 million for the Design Phase. Applicants selected and funded for the Design Phase are eligible to receive up to $9 million for the Build Phase of this solicitation.

3 of 12 design phase winners featured Community Energy Labs

CEL Building Automation was a critical technology component in the winning teams' proposed designs.  Project design will carry on through March of 2024 with build phase proposals slated to follow the summer after.

Group #2: Central Valley/Northern California

Mutual Housing at Fairview Terrace is a collaboration between Mutual Housing and ArchNexus to bring beautiful, affordable net-zero and grid-aware housing to the Central Valley of California.

ConSol, Inc. Reimagining Affordable Mixed-Use Development in a Carbon-Constrained Future is a project that provides a viable, scalable, plug-and-play zero-emissions pathway for mixed-use development.  The project integrates three key emerging energy technologies within a four-tier resilience strategy, using CEL's tech for building control.

Group #3: Los Angeles Region

Paseo Adelanto: A New Paradigm is a project conceived and led by Jamboree Housing for a new construction permanent supportive housing project that includes a City Hall for the San Juan Capistrano community, a microgrid, dynamic energy management and all electric, controllable devices.

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