CEL joins Greentown

February 12, 2022

CEL has joined the nation's premier cleantech incubator, Greentown Labs, in pursuit of a supportive community of cleantech entrepreneurs, investors, advisors and innovators.  Access to the Greentown Houston location gives our team critical growth tools from electronics prototyping labs to regular founder and leadership roundtables.

Greentown also has a robust strategic partner ecosystem enabling strategic investors in the space to collaborate with innovators on growth and expansion.

Greentown Labs partners with multinational corporations that have made science-based climate commitments. These companies are leading the charge on corporate sustainability and are earnestly pursuing partnerships with next-generation technologies to enable a clean energy economy.

Partners give crucial support to Greentown’s startups by becoming strategic partners, investors, customers, and pilot sites. Through these relationships with Greentown and its startup members, corporate partners become embedded in the climatetech and cleantech ecosystem, and get introduced to the industry’s most groundbreaking technology. Partnership also gives organizations the chance to make their businesses more sustainable and to demonstrate their climate commitments.

Day-to-day, these partnerships involve countless chances for entrepreneurs and corporates to exchange ideas and form connections. These opportunities include pitch days, lunch and learns, office hours, tours, corporate innovation days, participating on Greentown’s Advisory Board, taking a desk at Greentown, and more.

CEL is excited to join this cohort of leading companies and entrepreneurs to bring groundbreaking climate innovations to market.

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CEL's CEO joins a Greentown Labs panel on Access to Success.
Underrepresented founders in climatetech face unique and growing challenges to accessing investors and fundraising for their business. How can startups bridge this gap, and where can investors who want to begin diversifying their portfolios look for guidance?

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