Celebrating Diversity & Driving Change

June 16, 2023

Carol Mwango, CEL’s Office Manager, was the third person hired at the company when it was founded in 2019. Drawn to CEL’s mission of simply and affordably enabling climate change solutions, she was excited to work for a company that lets her pursue her passion for the environment. One of Carol’s favorite things about working at CEL is its clear commitment to diversity in all its forms. As she says, “At CEL, everything about you is appreciated. The diversity in culture, in thinking, in specialties—it’s all celebrated at CEL.”

This commitment to diversity is evident in all aspects of CEL’s work. In a system that is often unfair and inequitable, Carol says, CEL’s hiring practices are truly equitable and inclusive. “The tech space is predominantly male and white,” says Carol. “At CEL, we are looking to target women and people of color.” CEL employees often come from industries outside of climate tech, but as long as they have a passion for the environment and are willing to try new things, CEL is excited to work with them. Carol sums it up by saying, “Whoever you are, so long as you feel like you have something to contribute to this cause, you are welcome here.”

CEL also welcomes individuals with a variety of backgrounds, lives, and needs. Carol loves that the company is not just paying lip service to the idea of work/life balance. Each employee has the opportunity to discuss their needs and how their work can be structured to fit those needs.  Employees include people who live abroad, teach as adjunct professors, and take classes on the side. Carol lives in Kenya and is the primary caretaker for her daughter. At CEL, she is able to set her own hours in a way that allows her to prioritize time with her daughter. She says, “For me, I really want a company that will accept that I have a child, so being able to get that flexibility in my time is crucial. Knowing that my child is not feeling like I’m not around because I’m always working—that really is necessary for me.”

CEL employees also have a variety of skillsets and professional backgrounds. As a non-technical member of the team, Carol loves learning from those with technical backgrounds. Her fellow team members have been generous in sharing their knowledge with her. She says, “I’ve never met a team that is eager to share information like CEL. As a non-technical person, I still feel like I understand it because they are able to simplify it.”

It can be a challenge for teams with such a wide array of knowledge and backgrounds to communicate effectively, but CEL has made effective communication an integral part of its work. The company uses Non-Violent Communication, or NVC, an approach to communication that helps individuals empathize with the person they are speaking to and ensure understanding. At CEL, effective communication plays a large role in helping everyone feel valued, respected, and heard. As Carol explains it, “CEL’s culture of communication is what really bonds us together. We don’t have to walk on eggshells. We are direct, but we always know it comes from a very good place. It comes from a genuine need to understand what someone else is saying. Communication is always respectful.”

Ultimately, Carol views CEL as a place where people can come together to make a difference in the world. She says, “I believe that everyone wants to leave a footprint in this world, a positive impact. At CEL, you get the chance to really work toward making the world a better place. Right now is the right time because we’re in the trial phase. We need those ideas, and for sure CEL will listen to your ideas. It’s an opportunity to join a diverse team of innovators who are very enthusiastic and passionate about climate and who are making a real impact.”

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