Full Stack Engineer


The Full Stack Engineering role contributes to development of Community Energy Lab’s product stack by producing the smart controls needed to help our customers reach their goals, whether that’s saving money or saving the planet.

This role will be responsible for understanding the data that needs to be collected; building and containerizing the recommended control algorithms to be used; and measuring the quality of the solution. This role will also help to determine the ingress of data and the egress of control directives from these machine-learning based algorithms and other design activities that help to define how the software solution as whole is architected to produce the best results from our control algorithms.

Although we list specific technologies here and there, we’re most interested in hiring smart people who like solving problems, experimenting with different technologies and approaches to a problem and then converging on a solution and moving forward. The ideal candidate will be comfortable building prototypes that help us learn what our Minimum Lovable Product is and the feasibility of various solutions before the final architecture comes into play.

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Principal Investigator for MPC/RL Frameworks Evaluation

We are looking for an entrepreneurial, analytical and passionate collaborator to work with us on an NSF SBIR proposal to advance the affordability of clean building control for low income and underserved building owners using AI. Our concept paper was encouraged and we hope to submit a full proposal prior to the March 2 deadline. We'd prefer a collaborator who is interested in potentially joining the CEL team either prior to or after the first phase of the work is complete - someone who wants to be part of building an impactful technology and team from the ground up with us. This would be your and our chance to evaluate that possibility.

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Program Manager


The Program Manager role contributes to Community Energy Lab’s goal of helping schools and municipalities save money and the planet by autonomously shaping building energy use.   

The Program Manager defines outcomes and tasks.  They then track and monitor performance.  They design, execute, communicate and improve strategies and tactics that shape our user experience.  They direct and accelerate the deployment of our project installations - meant to demonstrate and validate core performance objectives for our underlying technical and business solutions on behalf of the communities we serve. The Program Manager will work cross-functionally as a key contributor to new and existing CEL products and initiatives.  

This position requires exceptional empathy and communication skills in order to articulate the value of autonomous building control on the path to decarbonization. The Program Manager offers practical direction to a variety of stakeholders including customers, vendors, employees, and our installers to encourage the development and deployment of products, services and best practices that will integrate into our customer installations, products and internal processes.

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