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CEL’s building energy platform is ideal for schools, helping meet the needs of an underserved community and boosting customer satisfaction. 

Let's work together for a clean and modern grid with customers at the center.

There are upcoming grant opportunities available for utilities to showcase grid flexibility and resiliency technologies. Over the past three years, CEL has partnered with IOUs, munis, co-ops and local power authorities on similar project grants. If you’re considering pursuing these opportunities, come talk to us!

Deployment of Technologies to Enhance Grid Flexibility

CEL directly meets eligibility requirements and has participated in similar projects with Tacoma Power, SCE, EPRI, and Silicon Valley Clean Energy.



Funding Amount




Period of Availability

$600,000,000 appropriated annually through years 2022-2026

eligible uses

Qualifying Smart Grid investments including for installation, that allow buildings to engage in demand flexibility or Smart Grid functions. 

Eligible investments include:

  • Metering, control, and other devices, sensors, and software (CEL meets)
  • Devices and software for buildings support demand flexibility and other smart grid functions (CEL meets)
  • Communications and broadband technologies to support smart grid deployment;
  • Technologies and programs to integrate electric vehicles to the grid (CEL meets)
  • Operational fiber and wireless broadband communications networks enabling data sharing between distribution system components
  • Advanced transmission technologies, including dynamic line rating, flow control devices, advanced conductors, and network topology optimization, to increase the operational transfer capacity transmission networks.

Open by the end of 2022

Program Upgrading Our Electrical Grid and Ensuring Our Reliability and Resiliency

CEL is a perfect example of an eligible program and has done similar projects with Tacoma Power and Silicon Valley Clean Energy.


US DOE – Office of Clean Energy Demonstration

Funding Amount

$5,000,000,000 (available until expended)


Public power, Municipal power, through States, local government, public utility commissions

eligible uses

  • Demonstrate innovative approaches to transmission, storage, and distribution infrastructure to harden and enhance resilience and reliability
  • Demonstrate new approaches to enhance regional grid resilience (CEL meets)

Open in 4th quarter, 2022

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