AGILE Seeks Sustainable Solutions for Schools

November 15, 2023

The Upshot

CEL is a partner in the Advanced Grid Interactive Load Efficiency (AGILE) Project, led by Energy Northwest. Two CEL staff members co-authored a publication on the project's key findings.

AGILE Explores Sustainable Solutions for School Buildings

AGILE is a partnership between project leader Energy Northwest, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, New Buildings Institute, and CEL. The project sought to investigate co-create, and determine the technical and financial feasibility of converting school buildings to Grid-Interactive Efficient Buildings (GEB). GEBs are buildings that are remade to become clean and flexible energy sources through a combination of energy efficiency, demand flexibility, and smart technology. This results in lower energy usage and emissions and reduced energy bills. A GEB can also respond to utility signals and help the local electric utility manage the grid and reduce direct emission sources. Consequently, GEBs present a win-win-win-win for building owners, utilities, the environment, and statewide climate goals. 

For AGILE, the project team worked with several school districts served by Gray's Harbor PUD. These included Aberdeen School District, Hoquiam School District, and Evergreen State College. We looked at how we could best integrate cutting-edge solutions for more efficient buildings by:

  • Investigating GEB technology options
  • Determining communication and electrical interface requirements
  • Assessing control software sensor needs
  • Coordinating with building management systems

This resulted in a comprehensive techno-economic assessment that evaluates different GEB design options, including use cases, value propositions, assumptions, and more. Two members of CEL's team, CEO Tanya Barham and Project Manager Daniel Quintana, co-authored this technical report on the project's findings. Read the full report in the sidebar!






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