CEL Sponsors Beta Blues Robotics Team

March 7, 2024

The Upshot

CEL is sponsoring the country's largest high school all-female robotics club, the St. Mary's Academy Beta Blues.

SMA Beta Blues Promote Diversity in STEM

CEL has become a corporate sponsor of the St. Mary's Academy Beta Blues. The team, the country's largest high school all-female robotics club, is part of St. Mary's Academy in Portland, Oregon.

The club has 40 team members, nearly a third of whom are completely new to robotics. In their robotics lab, team members use design software to create and refine robotic models. They then compete against other teams throughout the Pacific Northwest. This includes the premiere FIRST® Robotics Competitions (FRC). FRC tasks teams with raising funds, creating a team brand, leaning on teamwork, and building an industrial-sized robot to compete in difficult field games against other teams. The Beta Blues faced last year's competition head-on armed with their robot, which they call "The Little Robot That Could."

The team, which was started nine years ago, has already achieved an Engineering Excellence Award. They also hold the North American record for the most points earned in a match.

Like CEL, this group of diverse female engineers is enthusiastic about paving the way for future generations of female innovators. Members as young as 14 work with senior team members to learn the ins and outs of robotics. The team also mentors 8th-grade girls, inviting them to the school to build and interact with robots.

Help Support the SMA Beta Blues!

CEL attributes much of its own success to its team's diversity and is honored by this opportunity to encourage diversity in STEM. For those inspired to join us in supporting the Beta Blues, visit their team website or donate through the school's website.

Check out the documentary in the sidebar to learn more about this impressive team!

"There’s no shortage of girls and young people interested in building an amazing tomorrow. There’s simply a shortage of supportive pathways. We’re here to help them grow through dollars and mentorship."

  • Tanya Barham
Check out the recent KGW News story about the team!

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