CalSEED Concept Award Given to CEL

May 11, 2022

The Upshot

Along with 22 other companies, CEL wins CalSEED Concept Award in recognition of its early-stage clean energy innovations.

CEL wins CalSEED Concept Award

In May 2022, 23 companies earned CalSEED's Concept Award out of 166 applicants. CEL is proud to be among the winners in recognition of its innovative building control platform.

The California Sustainable Energy Entrepreneur Development (CalSEED) program, funded by the California Energy Commission, supports clean energy innovations while advancing equity and gender diversity. Said Sarah Chester of CalSEED, “I am proud to say that the 30 companies selected today represent women and other diverse leaders amongst their CEOs, with at least 5 of the 23 concept awardees having women founders and/or women in leadership positions. This number is super impressive given the national average is that less than 2% of all tech startups have women founders nationwide. These change makers will be instrumental in advancing California’s transition to a clean energy future.”

Through the Concept Award, CalSEED recognizes early-stage clean energy innovations in a variety of areas. Companies apply for support for technologies that will serve California's most vulnerable populations. Then, CalSEED prepares awardees for investment and deployment by providing mentorship, technical assistance, grant funding, and other resources.

CEL is proud to be among this impressive group of awardees.

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