CEL Wins Regionals at CleanTech Open 2020

September 30, 2020

The Upshot

CEL made a strong showing and connected with a fantastic community of cleantech advisors and entrepreneurs at CleanTech Open 2020.

CleanTech Open 2020

Cleantech Open runs the world’s largest clean technology accelerator program. Since 2005, the program has worked with over 1,800 early-stage cleantech innovators. As a result, the program has helped innovators develop their business models, seek investors and secure customers. Each year, over 100 companies participate in the US, Global Climate Innovation or Global Ideas programs. Then, the best innovators from these programs come together to celebrate their progress in creating an inclusive green global economy.

In 2020, the entire CleanTech Open competition was online due to the pandemic. Therefore, the competition across several regions was combined. Despite this, CEL was one of eight Regional Winners from the West, Southeast, Pacific Northwest, Midwest, and South Central regions. CEL was the youngest company to make it to this stage in the competition. We entered at the idea stage and without a team other than our founder at the time.


To see how far we've come 🤣  here is our original one-minute intro video.


CleanTech Open Resiliency Challenge WINNER

As part of the 2020 Cohort, teams participated in the CTO Resiliency Challenge. As part of this, in under a week, we needed to tell the story of our companies and solutions using The Hero's Journey format. Our founder, Tanya Barham, told our Shero's journey and won the competition. Check out her winning video below!


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