EPRI Incubatenergy Labs Selects CEL

June 10, 2021

The Upshot

EPRI Incubatenergy Labs chose CEL to take part in its 2021 Incubatenergy Labs Cohort. As such, CEL will work with utilities and their customers to deploy game-changing energy technologies.

A Select Few

The Electric Power Research Institute, Inc. (EPRI) is a nonprofit conducting research and development on the generation, delivery, and use of electricity for public benefit. In June 2021, EPRI announced that CEL was chosen for its 2021 Incubatenergy Labs Cohort. A panel of global utility and EPRI subject matter experts chose 20 companies from over 250 applicants. As a result of this award, CEL conducted a paid collaboration with Southern California Energy and K12 school districts.

The 20 selected startups spent 16 weeks working with electric utilities and EPRI. A variety of projects demonstrated accelerated decarbonization, electrification, grid modernization, and other energy innovation imperatives. The 2021 Cohort ran from June to October with results presented during interactive Incubatenergy Labs Demo Days Oct. 19-20.

Phase 1

CEL's project led to a deeper understanding of how user preferences, demographics, and goals interact with a variety of factors within California schools. As a result, we now have a basis for interfaces, learning algorithms, and objectives tailored to specific customer personas and market segments. Therefore, we will be able to more reliably predict and shape building loads for decarbonization and affordability. Furthermore, CEL seeks to optimize energy cost and electrification goals for commercial customers with limited budget and staffing. Ameren and Duke Energy also followed the progress of this Phase 1 project.

Phase 2

Due to the results of its Phase 1 work, CEL is currently conducting paid installations and technology demonstrations in partnership with utilities and their commercial customers across various climate zones and building types. Small-scale commercial deployment will apply CEL technology for delivering customer benefits while:

  1. Determining the location-specific value of building flexibility inclusive of behind-the-meter distributed energy resources and electrification;
  2. Estimating the value that specific customer segments with similar end-use load types could provide to the grid; and
  3. Assessing other incentive/technology combinations for providing grid services.

Phase 3

Finally, in Phase 3, the project team will evaluate offering CEL's technology as part of a broader programmatic offering to utility commercial customers. Phase 1 and 2 will guide scale-up using combinations of rates, incentives, and technologies for promising customer segments and distribution system applications.

See summary slides and videos about Incubatenergy Labs 2021 cohort members, including CEL.
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