CEL Talks Equity in Tech

May 3, 2023

The Upshot

On International Women's Day, CEL CEO Tanya Barham joined a panel discussion on equity in tech.

CEL Talks Equity in Tech

March 8 was International Women's Day, which is always a cause for celebration at CEL. In honor of the day, Tanya joined a panel to discuss equity in tech. The panel, hosted by, brought together female leaders and founders from three other climate tech companies (GreenPortfolio, Waterplan, and Tangible Materials).

Together, Tanya and her fellow panelists discussed what an equitable tech industry looks like and how we can work together to build toward it. They discussed their own journeys to building the next generation of cutting-edge climate companies. In addition, they talked about how other women can get involved in climate.

Among Tanya's advice for aspiring female climate entrepreneurs were these words:

  • "Be grounded in your own self-worth. Be clear about what your strengths are and how those are translatable skills. One huge translatable skill is a growth mindset and the ability to learn. Don't confuse not being immediately good at something with you not being good. You have the ability to learn. That attitude and resilience will get you 70% of the way there."

To hear the full conversation, check out the video in the sidebar.

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