Students Compete for Investment in CEL

June 15, 2022

The Upshot

University of Vermont (UVM) students competed to win a $50,000 investment in CEL.

UVM Students Compete for Investment in CEL

Every year, the Turner MBA Impact Investing Network & Training (MIINT) program gives MBA students experience as startup investors. Through MIINT, students choose an early-stage, impact-driven company. They then compete to win a $50,000 investment for the startup.

This year, a team from UVM's Sustainable Innovation MBA program recommended investment in CEL. CEL's mission, its building solution, and its status as a women-owned and led company drew them to the company. After choosing their startup, the UVM team took Turner MIINT's impact investing course. Then, they made their initial pitch and moved on to the finals. As one of eight teams in the finals, they then had the opportunity to network with investors, refine their pitch, and present their case for CEL.

Team member Tate Moeller said, “MIINT opened my eyes to the sustainable change and positive non-financial outcomes created through impact investment. In 2021, just 2% of venture capital funds were awarded to female-founded companies. Pitching a woman-owned and led, energy and tech-focused startup in the finals of Wharton’s global competition was one of my proudest accomplishments this year. I am very grateful to have shared it with wonderful classmates and friends.”

CEL's Tanya Barham worked closely with the team. She said, "They were effective, focused and positive. They worked cohesively as a team. Above all, we loved getting to know them and admire their abilities and effort."

Read more about the MIINT program and the UVM team here.

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