Nexus Labs Podcast Features CEL

June 16, 2022

The Upshot

Tanya recently joined the Nexus Labs podcast to talk about what's missing in the small buildings energy market.

Hear Tanya on Nexus Labs

Through its podcast and newsletter, Nexus Labs promotes the technologies that will help move the smart building industry forward. The podcast features interviews with industry professionals that take deep dives into clean energy technology, how the industry is changing, and how we can achieve clean energy goals.

Nexus Labs host, James Dice, recently interviewed Tanya Barham, CEL's CEO, about smart building technology. Tanya and James had a lively conversation covering Tanya's career trajectory, CEL's work, and what's currently missing in the small buildings market. Click here to listen or watch the video in the sidebar.


Tanya talks with James Dice about what's missing from the small building market.

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