OEN Recognizes CEL

November 20, 2022

The Upshot

On November 17, the Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN) awarded CEL an Exponential Award. This award, new this year, recognizes a startup that has made significant contributions to the community.

OEN Entrepreneurship Award recognizes high-impact startups and founders

OEN offers robust support to entrepreneurs throughout the state of Oregon. The nonprofit helps companies start up their businesses, increase their financial and social capital, and achieve scale.

Each year, OEN holds the Entrepreneurship Awards to recognize Oregon-based entrepreneurs across several categories. For the 2022 Entrepreneurship Awards, CEL was nominated for two awards and won the Exponential Award. The Exponential Award "recognizes a startup that uniquely embodies the theme by having made significant contributions to their community this year, or by forging a business model, product/service, and/or culture that multiplies the success of other businesses, organizations, individuals, or other stakeholders in Oregon or Southwest Washington."

The Portland Art Museum proved to be the perfect setting for the lovely ceremony. The beautiful setting, the delicious food, and the conversation and connection were just what we needed. We loved being able to reconnect with the community after the last two years. Most importantly, we are proud to be among this impressive group of finalists and awardees!

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