Prosper Portland Supports Equity

June 26, 2023

The Upshot

CEL recently won a grant from Prosper Portland. The Inspiring Diversity Grant encourages employers to incorporate equity-related best practices into their workforce, marketing, and communications.

Prosper Portland Support Local Businesses

Prosper Portland's Inspiring Diversity Grants help local companies launch or expand diversity and equity programs. This year, 15 local businesses were awarded the grant. Selection criteria included growth potential, leadership commitment to equity, innovation, and impact on underserved communities.

Grant recipients include 15 companies working in Portland's priority industry clusters: green cities (CEL's category), athletic and outdoor products, technology and media, manufacturing, and food and beverage. The Inspiring Diversity grants recognize that the fundamental equity challenge in Portland’s traded sectors is a lack of access to good jobs. At the same time, these 15 companies represent some of the highest wages and best employment opportunities in the region. Therefore, Prosper Portland strives to help them become more inclusive as a means to close equity gaps.

CEL will use its grant funds to formalize a summer internship/apprenticeship program for diverse talent. We are grateful for this award and excited to get started!

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