Prototype Award Supports Customer Onboarding

February 28, 2024

The Upshot

Following a successful Phase I Concept Award, CEL has won a Phase II Prototype Award from CalSEED. CEL is one of six winners of the award.

Prototype Award will Smooth Customer Onboarding

CEL was one of the six winners of the CalSEED Phase II Prototype Award. The Prototype Award is funded through the California Energy Commission’s US$130 million-a-year EPIC program. The goal of the award is to surface some of the most cutting-edge clean energy technology in California. Ultimately, they will help CEL and other awardees commercialize faster. We are grateful for the vote of confidence in CEL’s ability to make decarbonization accessible to communities across the state.

We used our Phase I award to analyze each stage of our customer development process. Through that process, we identified several avenues to help speed customer adoption. With this Phase II Prototype Award, we plan to build support tools that smooth customer acquisition and onboarding. Potential enhancements to our platform include:

  • How-to videos for both our sales/support personnel and for customers so that they can communicate the technology’s benefits to key stakeholders
  • In-app enhancements that provide better visibility about what is happening and why
  • In-app customer self-service (e.g., adding new sites or products)

Our goal with this project is to make our tech accessible, user-friendly, consistent, and scalable. Ultimately, these enhancements will support our go-to-market strategy, improve revenue streams, and attract investors.

"The companies selected for these awards not only showed commercial promise, but htey demonstrated how scaling their technology could result in other benefits that go beyond reducing emissions and cutting costs. There is something about each of htese innovations that is easier to install, easier to manufacture, and easier to deploy, and these thigns ca increase access and resilience."

  • Joy Larson, Director of CalSEED at New Energy Nexus
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