SunCast Podcast Features Tanya

March 15, 2023

The Upshot

Tanya was a guest on the SunCast podcast, where she talked about CEL, energy choice, and how her background prepared her to meet the challenges ahead.

SunCast Welcomes Tanya

CEL CEO and Founder Tanya Barham was recently a guest on the SunCast podcast, hosted by Nico Johnson. Tanya and Nico talked about the built environment as a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and how we can best bring those emissions under control. Tanya also discussed how her background prepared her to start a business addressing climate change challenges. In a fun tangent, Nico and Tanya discovered a common connection as former choir nerds and swerved into a discussion about why so many climate entrepreneurs are musicians. You don't want to miss this lively conversation!

SunCast began in 2015 as the first-ever podcast focused on solar energy for emerging markets. It is now a go-to resource for entrepreneurs and sales professionals in the renewable energy space. Today, energy and cleantech professionals listen to the podcast to gain insight into how to grow their skills and businesses. Host Nico Johnson has over 16 years of experience in solar and clean energy. Nico and SunCast are known for delivering straight insights and stories from the front lines.

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