Decarbonization of Washington Schools

December 22, 2021

The Upshot

To help reach statewide carbon emissions goals, CEL and partners are working toward the decarbonization of Washington schools, saving schools money and reducing GHGs.

Decarbonization for Washington Schools

Washington aims to reduce carbon emissions to at least 25% below 1990 levels by 2035. Therefore, utilities must learn how best to transition to clean electricity. To help with this transition, CEL, education customers, and utilities are working hand-in-hand in several ways to demonstrate pathways to reducing emissions.

Firstly, CEL, Energy Northwest, and partners are working to ease the path to clean electrification for K-12 and college buildings. We are accomplishing this in part by working toward the decarbonization of Washington schools. For this project, sites include Greys Harbor, Aberdeen School District, Hoquiam School District, and Evergreen State College. Funding came in part from the Washington Department of Commerce Grid Modernization. In 2022, the project team will identify a suite of Grid-Interactive Efficient Building technologies specific to the education sector. Stay Tuned! Soon, we'll be sharing findings, models, and next steps with Energy Northwest’s consortium of utilities and with cities across Washington.

Second, CEL is collaborating with Tacoma Power, Schneider Electric, and Franklin Pierce School District with assistance from Washington Department of Commerce Grid Modernization. Together, our team will analyze and draft a preliminary design for an innovative, community-centric microgrid. The project supports Franklin's Pierce transition to electrification using a microgrid that will integrate solar, upcycled batteries, idle bus capacity, and building controls.

Finally, Bonneville Environmental Foundation is supporting the installation of CEL's cutting-edge technology at three schools within Bonneville Power Authority territory.

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