Washington Ideal for Climatetech

October 18, 2023

The Upshot

Washington is an ideal location to support climatetech, according to a recent panel discussion and article featuring Tanya Barham. CEL has deep roots and robust relationships in the state.

PNW Climate Week Highlights CEL's Deep Roots in Washington

Though Climate Week NYC gets most of the press, Pacific Northwest Climate Week can hold its own. This year, the weeklong event was held across Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. In Portland, Tanya joined a group of fellow sustainable building pros at a Vertue Lab-hosted panel event. The lively panel received a writeup from GeekWire with several key takeaways.

One of these takeaways was that Washington is a particularly hospitable place for the adaption of climate tech. The state features a booming tech industry, a spirit of innovation, strong environmental values, and governmental support. All of these factors combine to make Washington "a wonderful place to incubate new ideas," says Tanya.

Though CEL is based in Oregon, the company has deep ties to Washington. Our team originated at the nonprofit PECI. There, we developed deep partnerships in the state that continued through our spinoff to form CEL. These include a community- and utility-owned microgrid in Tenino and an electric bus microgrid project in Tacoma.

We continue to expand throughout Washington, Oregon, California, and beyond. If you are a community building and would like to sign up to be a pilot site, let us know!

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