Otto Awards Enhance CEL's Storytelling

December 29, 2022

The Upshot

CEL is among 10 startups benefitting from over $1 million in in-kind support from the Otto Awards.

Otto Awards Provide Valuable Storytelling Support

As a company developing complex machine-learning technology, CEL recognizes the value of storytelling. The ability to explain the real-world impact of our product to potential customers is a defining factor in our success. To this end, we are continually working to hone our message for our various audiences.

The Otto Awards help startups tell their stories in a way that will spark interest, engagement, and success. They seek to help organizations frame their mission "in a way that makes it bigger, more surprising, more important, more shocking, more interesting, and more unavoidable." As a result of this work, they help companies attract investors, customers, and wide-ranging support.

The awards offer $1 million in in-kind support each round. The 2022 winners were announced on December 8. In this round, over 1,000 companies applied, including over 200 in the Cleantech category. CEL was one of two winners in this category. The judges said they were impressed with Tanya's ability to explain our product to our target audience through videos and webinars (like this video on our home page).

Thank you to the Otto Awards for your support!




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