Big Energy Goals on a Small Business Budget?

We Got You.


CEL’s modern building control solutions make smart energy management and decarbonization both accessible and affordable for community building owners. Let us show you how.


Community Energy Labs' commercial building control solutions monitor, learn, and adjust building energy use to meet your goals. Predictive and adaptive, our IoT & SaaS platform is your tireless virtual engineer controlling your building’s setpoints, schedules, air quality, comfort and energy use. You get:
  • The simplicity of single-day installation
  • 5%–25% reduction in energy use and demand charges
  • ROI in as little as two months (not years)

...all while keeping your building occupants comfortable and happy. Got solar? Our technology aligns energy use with solar energy production more closely, saving you money and carbon. Whatever your energy model, CEL is simply smarter.

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Whether it's our customers, pilot sites, mentors, investors or research collaborators our partners put the community in Community Energy Labs.

"In the workshop series, we were able to understand the energy management needs and experiences in school sector. It is valuable to see from the customers’ perspectives about how they understand end-use loads, DERs and rate structures, as well as how energy management strategies may fit into the specific C&I segment’s operation routine and culture."

Program Manager @ EPRI Incubatenergy Labs

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