PECI Transfers Grid Edge Assets to CEL

December 12, 2019

The Upshot

Community Energy Labs has signed an asset purchase agreement to acquire the grid edge technology product portfolio of PECI.

PECI Transfers Grid Edge Assets to CEL

PECI has transferred its grid-edge assets to Community Energy Labs. Therefore, CEL will acquire the following:

  • The Local Energy Exchange Platform (LEEP) - A visionary multi-user platform model for protecting consumer privacy and meeting grid needs;
  • Home Energy Management Systems;
  • Virtual Power Plant Products.

The Virtual Power Plant Products include:

  • grid and market integrated VPP;
  • distribution resource planning tools;
  • distributed energy resource planning;
  • emergency power shutoff planning & response;
  • and customer/behind the meter energy optimization.

As a result of this transfer, the two entities can each focus on core competencies. The transfer represents the culmination of six years of strategic planning and execution by PECI and its Board of Directors. CEL's acquisition of PECI's technology product assets will leverage PECI's domain expertise in technology-enabled energy programs for utilities, communities, schools and businesses within a nimble, commercial entity.

About PECI

Founded in Portland, Oregon, in 1979, PECI is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to advancement in energy use, generation and policy. In 2014 PECI sold its utility-scale energy efficiency assets and began researching a strategic direction that would better fulfill its charitable mission within the domain of energy, environment and community. Meanwhile, PECI developed and tested organizational and operating models based on advancing communities’ abilities to participate in the new and changing energy economy. One highlight along the way was earning SEPA's Visionary of the Year Award for PECI’s pioneering work in partnership with the community in Tenino, WA.

In 2018, PECI’s Board decided to segregate the policy and product aspects of its work. Consequently, the organization would be able to focus on its core charitable mission. As a result of this segregation, PECI is now focused on policy advancement through partnerships with regional policy non-profits.

About Community Energy Labs

When the PECI board decided to segregate their policy and products/services work, Tanya Barham, PECI's former Director of Operations and Product (COO), established Community Energy Labs. During 2019, PECI and CEL clarified and negotiated the transfer of intellectual property for grid edge technology products to Barham. Therefore, CEL can now function as a nimble commercial enterprise with PECI's technology products as the core. As a result of this transfer, the products can reach communities, customers and providers for those organizations and communities already committed to a clean, affordable and reliable energy system.

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