TED Process Assesses CEL's Tech

December 29, 2022

The Upshot

CEL's technology was selected for assessment and review through the Technology Early Deployment (TED) process, which is funded by Southern California Edison (SCE) and the Electric Power Research Institute, Inc. (EPRI).

TED Process Assesses & Reviews CEL's Technology

Southern California Edison’s Emerging Technologies (DRET) Program recently selected CEL's technology for its Technology Early Deployment (TED) process. CEL was a 2021 cohort member of EPRI, which funds and administers TED alongside SCE.

TED selects innovative technologies for assessment and review. The process reports on several areas, including:

  • the technology application
  • team strength
  • alignment with the Technology Priority Maps
  • ability to support California's clean energy goals of increased energy efficiency, reduced GHG emissions, energy storage capacity, and demand flexibility

TED chose CEL's Clean Building Energy Management System for review because it supports California’s clean energy goals of increased energy efficiency, reduced GHG emissions, and peak demand reduction. The report found that CEL can help California reach its goals by offering 10-20% energy savings, up to 40% peak demand reduction, and a 5-50% increase in solar self-consumption. It also found that CEL has a strong foundation for success and many opportunities ahead for growth and commercialization.

Check out the sidebar to read our TED report!

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